What are the Basic Needs of Dogs

What are the Basic Needs of Dogs

Have you ever stopped to think about what your dog needs to be happy and healthy? Most people think that their dog needs food, love, affection, and a few toys. And we would say yes, your furry needs all this … BUT … Since everything in life has a “but”, it needs some other things as well. What are they?

1) Food

Offering high quality food is of utmost importance. Opt for super premium feeds or balanced feed (only with advice from a veterinarian experienced in the subject) available at www.Zoo-Bio.co.uk. A quality feed will contribute to good physical, mental health and also to the longevity of your dog.

Another point that we must be careful with is the amount of food we offer. It is quite common for people to find cute and cuddly that plump little dog that is rolling around the house. Follow the instructions on the back of the pack about the amount of feed to be offered to your dog.

2) Physical activity

Every dog needs physical activity regardless of race. In general, work races need more energy expenditure than company breeds, but it is not because your puppy is from a race considered to be “on his lap” that he does not need physical activity. Remember that before he’s a “lap race,” he’s a dog.

Dogs are active animals and need to exercise and expend energy. Some breeds are genetically to perform a specific job. We fall in love with some of these dog breeds, leave them at home and forget that they have been “developed” for hundreds of years to have a high degree of energy in order to perform well.

3) Mental activity

Usually this is the activity less known to people. The dog needs to be stimulated and mentally challenged during its day to day to keep busy and also to expend energy. Imagine when you have a super tiring job to do in front of the computer for 1 hour and get tired without even getting up from the chair. With mental activity dogs can also expend energy.

There are a few ways to mentally stimulate them. We can use some interactive toys to turn the feeding moment into fun and stimulating way.

4) Social activity

Dogs are gregarious animals, that is, they naturally live in groups and need social interaction with members of their own species. A dog that does not have social activity may not develop good communication with other dogs for lack of this interaction. Lack of social activity can be very harmful not only to the dog, but to any species that needs to live in society, including us humans.

Can you imagine a child who arrives in late adolescence without meeting other friends and attending public places?

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