Treating Your Dog as Royalty

Treating Your Dog as Royalty

You love your dog as if it’s a part of the family but sometimes you have to go somewhere that it just can’t go with you. Maybe you’re taking a business trip or you’re going on vacation. No matter where it is, you need to make sure that your dog is well taken care of while you’re gone. That’s when you probably start looking into a kennel that can give it the treatment you want and maybe even a little bit more.

Choosing a Dog Kennel

It’s always important to talk to the owners or the workers at a dog kennel to find out more about how things are done and what the treatment for your dog is going to be. Talking with people who have actually used the kennel is another important step. After all, you want to make sure that what they’re promising, they’re also going to deliver. People who have been there can tell you that. They know experienced dog kennel services in Darlington when they see them.

  • Individual sleeping quarters
  • Outside exercise area
  • Gas central-heated indoor area
  • Vet beds and plastic beds
  • Fresh water 24/7
  • Individual exercise
  • Radio 24/7
  • No sight lines to other dogs
  • Feed options

Your Dog, Your Rules

Your dog should also have access to its own bed, its own toys and even its own food or medication if you decide to bring them along to the kennel. That way, it can feel more comfortable and more relaxed while it is in a completely new place.



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