The most common health issues in Maltese dogs and how to overcome them

The most common health issues in Maltese dogs and how to overcome them

The Maltese is generally known as a healthy dog breed, although they seem very delicate and fragile. However, they are prone to different health issues and genetic problems, so, if you have a Maltese you should be well informed about these issues, in order to keep your dog healthy.

Keep your Maltese under constant surveillance

The main health issues in Maltese is injury. They are small sized dogs and they can easily self-injure. Because they are very small, they can suffer from bone fracture when they are falling from your arms or when they are jumping off the furniture. Also, their neck can be broken very easily by larger dogs, so is best to keep your Maltese under constant surveillance.
Many Maltese have leg problems, they have trouble with knee joints and they are prone to luxating patella. Loose knees are the most common orthopedic issues and can cause a lot of pain. Fortunately, surgery can resolve this problem.

Too much teeth in a small mouth

Like many other small dogs, Maltese can also suffer from dental problems because their teeth don’t fit in the mouth. So, it is important to give to your dog proper dental care. Brushing your Maltese teeth is not enough and you should bring him to vet for regular dental checkups. In this case you must pay attention to gum inflammation because they can lose their teeth from an early age. Another common problem is bad breath. In most cases, this bad breath is caused by gum problems or, maybe, can also be caused by indigestion or kidney diseases.

Maltese dogs

Eye problems – conjunctivitis, eyeball irritation and eye ulcers

The Maltese is prone to conjunctivitis and eyeball irritation, due to the fact that they have a long coat. Also, some Maltese dogs can suffer from excessive tearing. Like other small dogs, Maltese can also suffer from eye ulcers, so, in order to keep your dog healthy, it is necessary to have regular vet visits.

How to avoid skin liking

It is well known that dogs have the bad habit to lick their own coat, and the Maltese makes no exception here. Although many dog owners don’t pay too much attention to this habit, you must know that Maltese coat can turn pink if they lick their skin very often. In order to prevent this you can buy anti-lick strip.
If you don’t own a Maltese but you want to buy or adopt one, you must pay a lot of attention on health issues history and pedigree. Try to buy from a responsible breeder and avoid puppy mills. If you are from Ohio, you can go to and choose your Maltese puppy. Affordable Pup is the largest breeder from Ohio, AKC registered, and on their website you will find only happy and healthy puppies.

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