Is it advisable to give bones to dogs!

Is it advisable to give bones to dogs!

One of the iconic images we all recognize is the dogs biting bones. We even made sayings and phrases based on this … but to what extent is it really safe to offer such a “delicacy?

We can not ignore the fact that any dog will love chew a bone, and has long been widely believed among lovers of pets, that far from being a simple also is valuable to provide certain basic nutrients. But it is not difficult to realize the many cons that has this habit …

An obvious risk to your health

The pieces of bone that our pets love to devour with relish can remorseless staying in the throat and cause a blockage, which in the worst case leads directly to a veterinary emergency. It is not the only risk: even if the pieces without difficulty swallowing is probably not digest properly and can cause internal injuries reach, you might not only be more difficult to detect but also obviously have a greater risk.

Moreover, although our pets have iron teeth, or so it seems to us at first glance, the bones may undermine rather your dental health.

No bones, not even cooked!

It is important also to banish the belief that cooked bones are the solution. Although you have a softer consistency, of course, are not free from all the risks we have discussed. We must not give in to his insistence, nor believe everything we hear or read about the supposed benefits of the bones in the pet products market have more than enough to power can supply any nutrients you need, depending on age or size, without us having to risk your health in any way.

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